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Oct 23rd, 2007
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Room 304
Mountain Time
Session Type: Afternoon Seminar
Working in pairs, participants will be led through an informal usability test based in part on Steve Krug's excellent script in "Don't Make Me Think" ( One participant (the "user") will leave the room while the other participant (the "owner") is interviewed about the site's overall goals and key user tasks (apply for admission, find a news release, find out who teaches Chemistry 101, and so forth).

When the user returns, he or she will be asked to "think out loud" while using the site and attempting the tasks defined by the owner, who will be able to watch and listen but not comment. After a discussion with both participants about the experience, the roles will then be reversed. In addition to live user feedback about their sites, participants (and observers) will learn a simple but effective method for improving their sites--and their own Web development skills.

PLEASE NOTE: We will conduct usability testing of your institution's home page in groups of three. You will need to bring a color printout of your home page and at least two tasks a user should be able to accomplish by starting on your home page. We will need at least one laptop for every three-person group, so if it is convenient, please bring a laptop with wireless connectivity and a Web browser installed.