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Oct 29th, 2008
2:15 PM - 3:05 PM
Room W330D
Mountain Time
Your colleagues have found great ways to provide technology solutions for their institutions. Join them as we move from one idea to the next. This lively set of five-minute presentations will expand your horizons, broaden your perspectives, and whet your appetite for more information. Get together with the presenters at the poster session later in the afternoon.

Academic Course Scheduling: The Real Story About Space Utilization
Keith Stiles, Western Carolina University
Hear how institutional researchers used a business intelligence tool, X25, to analyze course scheduling effectiveness and space utilization, enabling academic departments to provide optimal learning opportunities for students.

Developing a Comprehensive Enrollment Management Cube
Bob Duniway, Seattle University
Learn about a dimensional data model that addresses enrollment management questions, can be extended to address additional concerns, and helps reach a data-supported enrollment management strategy.

Reducing Melt: Using Blackboard to Increase Enrollments
Kevin P. Lynch, Clarkson University
Clarkson University used Blackboard as the medium to deliver and collect information for the incoming student process. The result is increased enrollments, decreased costs, and a more engaged study body.

SharePoint-Enabled Collaboration at Princeton
Salvador Rosario, Princeton University
This session will demonstrate some SharePoint features and how administrative and academic departments at Princeton use them to collaborate. It will also address the issues faced in the implementation process.

Technology Time Trials: A Sprint for the Alpha Class
Tina Green, Mississippi State University
Mississippi State delivered a convenient, intuitive learning community management interface for the Day One Leadership program, using existing technologies, add-on developments, and homegrown applications funneled into the campus portal.

Tufts Emergency Alert System: From 0 to 60 in 60 Days Flat!
Dianne Silva, Tufts University
Tufts University IT investigated, evaluated, selected, and implemented a crisis communication tool and persuaded 60 percent of the population to voluntarily provide emergency contact information in under 60 days.

What's Not in Your Wiki?
Carlyn Foshee Chatfield, Rice University
Rice University IT found an inexpensive, quick, intuitive solution for knowledge management. What could go wrong? Learn to identify trust issues and resolve them when adopting a collaborative documentation application.