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Oct 28th, 2008
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Room W307B
Mountain Time
The proliferation of Web 2.0 applications and other emerging technologies has made it difficult for academic support staff, instructional designers, and faculty members to select the best tool for their purpose. The challenge lies in understanding instructional style, content needs, student abilities, and pedagogical "fit," as well as figuring out how to capture evidence of successful practices. In this hands-on, faculty-centered seminar, participants will learn how to determine faculty member expertise and comfort level in using various emerging and existing instructional tools and how to devise strategies to document instructional success. Participants will use and become familiar with successful applications of tools within a pedagogical framework aligned with learner progress. Materials and strategies from this seminar are applicable for web-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses. Emerging technologies to be reviewed come from an open directory of Web 2.0 tools including those from ELI's 7 Things You Should Know About briefs.