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Oct 28th, 2008
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Room W307C
Mountain Time
Institutions are renovating spaces to develop learning or information commons in libraries, academic buildings, and student centers. In some cases, existing commons need refreshing. Information or learning commons are informal learning spaces that offer an environment for collaborative, technology-enabled learning with support from information professionals. Because these projects require a major infusion of resources and often entail a multiyear planning and building process, many institutions grapple with how to structure a process that will yield the best result for the institution.

This seminar will focus on the planning process for these initiatives. Issues we will discuss include establishing a vision for the project; identifying key partners in the planning process; involving campus constituencies; collecting data that will inform the planning process; identifying institutional priorities that should inform the planning process; understanding emerging technology, learning, and information trends that will have implications for the facility; and planning assessment activities.

Please Note: This seminar is for those beginning or about to begin the planning process for a new or upgraded commons; it is not intended for those already well engaged in the planning process. Attendees will learn about trends and best practices, discuss ideas with peers, and explore applying these practices to planning at their home institutions.