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Nov 3rd, 2009
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Meeting Room 301
Mountain Time
Stop fighting! Admit that students assigned a research project are going to start with Google and Wikipedia and try to use YouTube. Embrace the 21st century and design multimedia research assignments that take advantage of technology-mediated resources, as well as the variety of technologies that help with both the research and composition processes.

In this workshop you will learn about a variety of methods to design research projects that help both students and faculty incorporate technologies into the research process and product. Participants will design rhetorically situated assignment prompts and research activities that teach students to evaluate all traditional and mediated resources in a sound manner. You will leave with guidelines for research project assignment construction and lists for technologies that assist in the research process and those that help produce multimedia research projects.

Feel free to bring a laptop with wireless connectivity and a web browser in order to set up accounts and explore new technologies; however, a laptop is not required.