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Oct 13th, 2010
3:30 PM - 4:20 PM
Ballroom D
Pacific Time
At last, everyone is prepared to admit that the Internet has changed the world. Some think it's a change for the better, with truly revolutionary possibilities for advancing civilization. Others think it's stripping away our capacity for empathy and making our brains incapable of sustained complex thought. Who's right? Come enjoy this double-down grudge match between prominent IT leaders.


@yermine is that an insult? #googlebrain?

y @dankabuki ? #Googlebrain

@mzyw Thanks! And thanks for helping out with the gallivanting last week. :) #googlebrain

@UWM_CIO Such a pleasure to work with you again. Love exploring the big questions. Next time you must galavant too. :) #googlebrain

@gardnercampbell Once again I appreciate working with you to use a bit of humor to get an important message out. Lots of fun! #googlebrain

RT @kris10_: "beat it with the FERPA stick until it dies" #educause10 #googlebrain

RT @kris10_: "beat it with the FERPA stick until it dies" #educause10 #googlebrain

#e10_pcp04 reminds me of discussions in the book-- Moral Panics: The Social Construction of Deviance.

Parents shld model way with socmedia, internet so kids aspire to be on web #educause10 #E10_PCP04 excellent my use of tech is all for sylvia

"We're in a world with plows AND iPhones... What's with that?" #E10_PCP04 #educause10

faculty shouldn't create "cookie cutter" style assignments but takes time @gardnercampbell #educause10 #E10_PCP04

#E10_PCP04 Question on tech teaching and whose responsibility it is. I would think it's an issue of how to approach tech critically

The thing that should be found when you google yourself is some substantive contribution to the web. @GardnerCampbell #E10_PCP04 #educause10

Digital citizenship/creating content/evaluating websites are important skills 4 learners to acquire #educause10 #googlebrain

I love to see higher ed tech in the role of teaching critical understanding of the google machine #educause10 #googlebrain

RT @techknowfile: #googlebrain Teach the students not only how to use the web, but also how to lead the web.

#E10_PCP04 @uwm_CIO @Gardnercampbell at their point counterpoint #educause10

RT @kayakpete:#E10_PCP04 #educause10 getting ugly in the intro already. CIO = Condemn Innovation Oppressively

RT @Alan_Wolf: #E10_PCP04 @uwm_CIO @Gardnercampbell at their point counterpoint #educause10

RT @natea98: #educause10 #E10_PCP04 Technology takes off not when our students learn to use the web but when they learn to weave the web themselves

#educause10 #E10_PCP04 I'm here to pose any questions in this twitter thread

#googlebrain "beat it with the FERPA stick until it dies..." cracked up the presenters and the audience with that one. :)

#googlebrain "beat it with the FERPA stick until it dies."

"beat it with the FERPA stick until it dies" #educause10 #googlebrain

#googlebrain Teach the students not only how to use the web, but also how to lead the web.

#E10_PCP04 can we use the crisis in the role of higher ed in society as an opportunity to reconsider issues?

#educause10 #E10_PCP04 Time for questions....

"effective digital citizens in a free world" speaking of our moral obligation to students #educause10 #E10_PCP04

#educause10 #E10_PCP04 Technology takes off not when our students learn to use the web but when they learn to weave the web themselves

No deep reading going on - all shallow discourse #googlebrain #educause10

is at the rematch between @GardnerCampbell and @UWM_CIO #googlebrain

#googlebrain "Making" us stupid: interesting loss of agency or is it fear of freedom?

This is a great talk in terms of timing in the day #googlebrain #educause10

#googlebrain Gardner just threw flowers at us. Nice!

Hee hee #googlebrain campbel tossing flowers out in the audience, and playing Age of Aquarius.

We're getting flowers stuck in our laptops. It's about love man #googlebrain #educause10

Oh my, I didn't realize this session was going to be a comedy session!! #googlebrain #educause10 :) thnx for the rose ;)

Cognitive Surplus - Clay Shirky just got mentioned #googlebrain #educause10

@petejuvinall I agree! Can use a little levity! #googlebrain #educause10

#googlebrain What leadership can higher ed model and inspire? Or do we keep saying 'blogging sounds so lovely, but who has time?"

#googlebrain "The change you fear is already in the past" - Shirky

higher ed has been the most stable organization there is and that is changing #googlebrain #educause10

Cognitive surplus by clay shirky #educause10 #E10_PCP04

Too bad you aren't here. ;-) #E10_PCP04 official #educause10 tag for @gardnercampbell session. Description:

Is the net making us stupid? - in arguing NO Campbell demonstrates YES by running thru the crowd throwing flowers! #educause10 #E10_PCP04

#educause10 #E10_PCP04 Wikiidpedia: "Billion Dollar Brain ..a 1967 British espionage film directed ... based on the novel by Len Deighton."

#E10_PCP04 Flowers from Gardner!

speaker throwing out flowers into the audience to demonstrate the love of the internet brilliant :) #educause10 #E10_PCP04

#googlebrain Waiting for what is supposed to be an epic session! Is internet making us stupid?

I think I have #googlebrain. I loved version 1.0 of this talk. #educause10


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