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Oct 14th, 2010
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Pacific Time

Advances in integrating the worlds of bits and atoms are challenging assumptions of scarcity that are implicit in the organization of advanced technical education and investigation. MIT's Neil Gershenfeld will discuss the ideas behind this revolution and their implications for improving educational opportunities. Realizing this promise will require revisiting many current practices, including accrediting networks rather than locations, organizing individuals instead of institutions, formalizing informal learning, and creating corresponding career paths.



#E10_GS02 great keynote on fablabs and much more, also available as weblecture

accreditation of FAB Academy: location = earth; made up a degree and then got accreditation; real distributed learning #edutrip10 #E10_GS02

OMG we have a FabLab in our own institution #hannl didn't realise this, will visit next week #edutrip10 #E10_GS02

attended very interesting session by MIT's Neil Gershenfeld on FabLab #E10_GS02 #edutrip10

thank u @NeilGershenfeld for stopping in to visit us from the future #educause10 #E10_GS02

oops, just realized acct @NeilGershenfeld tweets *about* neil gershenfeld but isn't *owned* by him #metafauxpas #educause10 #E10_GS02

Gershenfeld: Intellectual Property only works if you can find someone to sue. #educause10 #E10_GS02

Question re: copyright and reproduction of machines using the trademarked machine. #E10_GS02

#E10_GS02 Gershenfeld: At recent World Economic Forum in China, big discussion about how IP is no longer protectable. Hmmm...

Lorain County Fab Lab flourishing at the community college. Wonder if #Oberlin students are at all connected. #E10_GS02

Fabrication labs all over world=so cool. I still don't quite get fabrication to things to atoms metaphor--if that's what saying. #E10_GS02

@warum26 RE r u suggesting that discourse & thought exchange r lacking in what u r seeing here? #educause10 #E10_GS02

Although Gershenfeld book content looks a "bit" like his dynamic presentation. #E10_GS02

#E10_GS02 MIT Media Lab "Things That Think" Consortium: (formerly led by Neil Gershenfeld)

#E10_GS02 MIT Media Lab "Things That Think" Consortium:

#E10_GS02 Questions for Gershenfeld? Pls. tweet them w/the #E10_GS02 tag and I will try to infuse them into the Q+A session... #educause10

#E10_GS02 Gershenfeld's personal site:

#E10_GS02 Fab Lab is flourishing at Lorain County Community College in Ohio..

Creative kids in remote areas given tools do better than MIT students. Rapid prototyping=actually building. #E10_GS02

Gershenfeld: Innovative people are strange. So he created the "Fab Academy". See #fabacademy #educause10 #E10_GS02

gershenfeld: "Innovative people are strange and don't behave well."#E10_GS02 #educause10

RT @debunf: gershenfeld: "Innovative people are strange and don't behave well."#E10_GS02 #educause10 (via @twazzup)

@Alan_Wolf good point. the same battles we have seen in the copyright space will repeat in the patent space #educause10 #E10_GS02

Be better to give creative "odd" kids interested in fabrication tools/bldg environ, than: leave local/no voc schl/go to college. #E10_GS02

Gershenfeld: merge phys science and comp sci and bits can become physical items and vice versa #E10_GS02 #EDUCAUSE10

Gershenfeld: Education is a network, not a place. Not distance learning but distributed education. #Educause10 #E10_GS02

Hey, that's the Superior Public Library on the screen. #educause10 #E10_GS02

gershenfeld: fablabs as #libraries 4a new notion of literacy, at intersectn of physical science + info science #educause10 #E10_GS02

#E10_GS02 Long Tail theory applied to production.

#E10_GS02 Gershenfeld: Literacy doesn't stop at the page--moves beyond, through digital media.

#E10_GS02 Education increasingly happens in a network, not a place.

#E10_GS02 Gershenfeld: Higher Education is increasingly becoming a network, not a place.

#E10_GS02 Is the physical university obsolete? Not yet, but a lot of what he went to MIT for can be done anywhere.

"Innovative people are strange. They don't follow rules." says Neil Gershenfeld. Where can we welcome them? #E10_GS02 #educause

Imagine if kids like my sixth grader were learning this way: I want to do this. Learn what need to know to do it. Do it. #E10_GS02

RT @vilby: See The Center for Bits and Atoms for more on fabrication: #educause10 #E10_GS02

Gershenfeld: Rapid prototyping machines made by last-gen rapid prototyping machines. Uh oh. N++ #E10_GS02 #EDUCAUSE10

Gershenfeld: If everyone can make anything, anytime, anywhere, how do you live in that world? #educause10 #E10_GS02

#E10_GS02 More about MIT Fab Labs:

#E10_GS02 A goal to make a Star Trek replicator? Gets my attention!

#E10_GS02 NPR story on building a wireless network out of junk.

#E10_GS02 Watching a video of kids in Ghana using fab lab tools. These kids are skipping over us. Thesis based on work of 8 yo girl!

RT @debunf: Gershanfeld on reinventing comp science to remove the artificial separation between hard/software based on physics #educause10 #E10_GS02

#E10_GS02 student created a "scream body" where u can scream into a container that will silence&record your scream 4 later release&playback

Renaissance split liberal arts for study, from illiberal (artisan--for commercial purposes). Unfortunate. #E10_GS02

Just-in-time material production/purchase, like for building cars, is opposite of classic education: saving up knowledge for later #E10_GS02

Gershenfeld: We currently teach "just in case" - teach everything in case it is needed. Should be "just in time." #educause10 #E10_GS02

Gershenfeld: Teaches a course "Making Anything You Want". #educause10 #E10_GS02


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