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Sep 30th, 2014
12:45 PM - 2:15 PM
Learning Theater, West Hall A3
Eastern Time
This three-part 90-minute interactive session will highlight recent progress in the implementation of adaptive learning approaches to improve undergraduate education by colleges and universities participating in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Adaptive Learning Market Acceleration Program:

Part 1: Three leading adaptive learning providers will provide a brief overview of their diverse adaptive learning solutions, followed by audience participation and dialogue.

Part 2: Two instructional designers will provide an overview of their efforts integrating adaptive learning technologies in the design of high-enrollment undergraduate courses.

Part 3: A diverse team of "learning engineers" from UC Davis who focused on combining active learning pedagogies in undergraduate high-enrollment STEM courses with adaptive learning technologies will share and recount their experiences.

OUTCOMES: Learn how 3-5 colleges are implementing adaptive learning technologies in their undergraduate curriculum to improve learner mastery and course completion rates * Learn about the end student experience within an adaptive learning module or course, as developed by representative colleges or universities * Engage in dialogue with and listen to some of the key visionaries, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from major adaptive learning providers