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Vishal Kapoor
Vocareum's <codeLMS> product brings the experience of full fledged software labs to the web browsers of students worldwide. We provide a comprehensive LMS for the coding component of your class. The biggest difference between Vocareum and traditional LMS is our cloud-and-browser based coding workbench that is tightly integrated in our system. Our solution has been integrated with learning content from MOOCs and residential classes. It can also be easily integrated with your existing LMS through LTI. We have labs for Android, Java, Hadoop, MySQL, Node.js, Python and more.

Teachers can use the lab authoring interface to quickly set up assignment for registered students, guide them through the learning process, view analytics on progress and assess the coding assignments.

Students can start building software applications without any setup. They can edit, build and run within their browsers on any device and then showcase that learning on their portfolio.
Cloud Computing and Services, LMS, Learning Analytics, Online Learning