Design the Digital Future

See the Wall of Ideas Evolve

Design the Digital Future

See what your colleagues are predicting about the future. View photos of the visual facilitation wall on Flickr. New photos will be added throughout the day on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Spark New Thinking on Higher Education

Step back from the day-to-day to reflect on how you might design the best digital experience technology has to offer for our students, faculty, and staff. How can we create a mission-driven future that blends the best of what our community and technology have to offer?

How can we use analytics, visualization, personalized learning, and social media to design deeper engagement for higher education and solve the world’s most challenging problems? Whether your idea is big or small, off-the-wall or tried and true, help us design the future. Let’s imagine the opportunities.

Join our “design the future” activities to see the difference we can make. Here's how you can participate:

Share Your Ideas

Spark new thinking on higher education in the future. Share your ideas and watch the co-created wall of ideas come to life near EDUCAUSE Central. We will have a visual facilitation artist illustrating your ideas live.

Share Your Answers to the Following Questions

  1. What technology has the greatest potential to strengthen our future?
  2. What should IT professionals do today to optimize the value of IT in higher education’s future?

Idea submission cards will be available at the drop boxes in the convention center hallways. Virtual conference participants can share their ideas online in the EDUCAUSE Central space.

Get an Introduction to Design Thinking

Think like a designer. Swing by EDUCAUSE Central during the breaks to explore the principles of Design Thinking with Steelcase. Get an introduction to this theory and practice that can help you look at, study, challenge, and perhaps solve complex issues on your campus.

See Trends and Predictions on the Infographic Wall

Explore the data walls in the main corridor on level two. Our infographic walls feature research from ECAR, ELI, CDS, and external sources. You can also check out the full reports from the data featured by visiting our research page.


How to Participate

Face-to-Face in Orlando:
Answer our two questions about the future by filling out a card and dropping it off in a drop box. Cards will be available at the drop boxes in the hallways.

Virtual Conference:
Share your ideas online in the EDUCAUSE Central space in the “EduITFuture Ideas” tab. See the wall of ideas evolve throughout the conference by returning to EDUCAUSE Central or visiting Instagram to see updated photos.

You can also send a tweet using #EduITFuture.


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