Speaker Resources


This page contains information and resources to assist you as a presenter at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us.

General Speaker Information

Could you explain what my "Session Type" means?

CIO Open Space Sessions
These sessions provide an opportunity for the CIO community to discuss current topics as well as areas of interest identified ad-hoc during the conference.

Client-led Sessions
See Corporate Speaker Information below.

Community Update Sessions
Offered occasionally by specialized community groups, these scheduled updates offer an overview of how the group operates, current accomplishments, and plans. EDUCAUSE Community Updates are available throughout the conference in video format.

Concurrent Sessions and Webcasts
These traditional sessions, the foundation of the conference, consist of one or more speakers presenting ideas and information to the audience on which they are well experienced and have expertise while encouraging attendee engagement. Speakers of these sessions are encouraged to engage the audience in order to enhance value and interest. This is the most prevalent type of session, and many are offered in every time slot throughout the conference.

Webcasts of five concurrent session webcasts are offered during every time slot. They’re available live as well as on-demand for the online audience, on-demand after the conference ends for face-to-face registrants, and on-demand in the EDUCAUSE library 90 days after the conference ends. A limited number of webcasts will be available immediately to the public. Captioning and transcripts will be provided if a request is submitted.

Corporate and Campus Hot Topic Panel
See Corporate Speaker Information below.

Discussion Sessions
Offered by EDUCAUSE constituent groups and open to anyone interested in the topic, discussions are an opportunity for participants to share campus challenges and solutions through interactive exchange.

Exclusive Online Sessions
Interactive sessions with experts on current topics, exclusively available live and on-demand for the online audience for 90 days and then published in the conference proceedings.

Featured Speaker Sessions and Webcasts
Invited by EDUCAUSE for their expertise on a variety of current topics, featured speaker sessions are offered during every time-slot at the annual conference.

Webcasts: Professional webcasts are immediately available live as well as on-demand for the online audience, on-demand after the conference ends for face-to-face registrants, and on-demand in the EDUCAUSE library 90 days after the conference ends. A limited number of webcasts will be available immediately to the public. Captioning and transcripts will be provided if a request is submitted.

Flexible Learning Space Session
Offered in a professional designed learning space, this session promotes a combination of presentation, small-group interaction, and large-group discussion for synthesis.

Poster Sessions and the Digital Poster Gallery
Poster sessions offer the opportunity to share campus experiences through informal, interactive, brief presentations focused on effective practices, research findings, or technical solutions. In addition to presenting your poster on site, we are offering the opportunity to extend your poster session exposure through the EDUCAUSE Digital Poster Gallery. The gallery will be promoted to online conference attendees and to all onsite attendees.

Preconference Seminars
Offered for full or half days, preconference seminars give attendees the opportunity to have a deeper examination of various topics, facilitated by senior IT leaders with extensive experience in those areas.  These seminars are highly interactive and give participants the chance to discuss in depth approaches to challenges they are facing on campus - to share solutions and learn strategies.

Technology Solutions Sessions
See Corporate Speaker Information below.

Do I need to register to present?

As a speaker, you must register to present. Be sure to register by September 2 to get the face-to-face conference early-bird rate and by September 23 to get the virtual conference early-bird rate.

Is there a PowerPoint template I should use for my presentation?

EDUCAUSE will prepare an optional PowerPoint template for your convenience. This will be released in Mid-July. (NOTE: If using a personal PowerPoint template for an exclusive online session, please use Arial font to avoid conversion issues.)

Is there a Speaker Ready Room at the face-to-face conference where I can work on my presentation?

Yes, there will be a speaker ready room with EDUCAUSE staff available to assist you. Here are a few things you will be able to do in this room:

  • Test your laptop with an identical meeting room projector
  • Get help with technology questions
  • Make last-minute changes to your presentation
  • Print your presentation
  • Meet with your co-presenters to review your presentation
  • Pick up your speaker gift and “Speaker” ribbon for your name badge


●      Sunday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

●      Monday, 7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

●      Tuesday, 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

●      Wednesday, 7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

●      Thursday, 7:30–10:15 a.m.

How can I share my presentation materials, and should I include a copyright statement?

We invite you share your presentation by uploading your file(s) or URLs before, during, or after the conference. To do this, log in to your EDUCAUSE profile and click on “upload” in the presentation section. Then follow the prompts to upload your resources.

We ask that you fill in your PowerPoint document's properties in the following manner prior to uploading the file.

Title: TITLE
Subject: EDUCAUSE 2014
Author: NAME(S)

If you password protect a PDF document, please make sure to enable the file to be read by a screen reader. It is our goal to make our resources easily available to those who use Adaptive and Assistive Technology to access files over the Internet.

You may use this copyright statement on one of your first slides:

This presentation leaves copyright of the content to the presenter. Unless otherwise noted in the materials, uploaded content carries the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, which grants usage to the general public with the stipulated criteria.

Face-to-Face Session Speaker Information

How will my on-site room be set up?

All session meeting rooms (with the exception of poster sessions, flexible learning space sessions, and exclusive online sessions) will be theater-style seating or a combination of round tables in the front of the room and theater-style seating in the back. There will be a head table and chairs for speakers at the front of the room.

Will I have access to audio/video equipment?

All of the session rooms (with the exception of poster sessions and exclusive online sessions) will have the following standard AV:
  • LCD Projector
  • Screen (sizes vary depending on room size but are typically 7.5'x10')
  • Projector Stand
  • Capability to switch between two laptops (A/B switch)

  • Wireless microphone at podium
  • Wired lavaliere microphone with 25’ cord
  • One additional table microphone for panels of three or more
  • Computer audio patch
  • Larger and webcast rooms will have audience microphones

Will I have Internet access?

The following internet connections will be available:

  • Wireless access will be available for everyone, presenters and attendees. The connection speed will be sufficient to access and navigate web pages and e-mail .
  • One dedicated Ethernet connection will be provided in each conference room and is preferred for speaker use.
  • Substantial bandwidth will be provided and should be more than sufficient for applications you wish to present. However, if you know that your presentation will require a significant bandwidth and have concerns, please contact Sean Kennedy.

What do I need to know if my session has been scheduled in the flexible learning spaces?

Offering a rich alternative to the traditional “stand and deliver” conference presentation, this room promotes small-group interaction for integration into large-group discussion and synthesis. To support team-based activities, the space utilizes tables and chairs to divide participants into groups, surfaces to support portable/mobile devices, and whiteboards to capture input.

Here are some other things to note about these spaces:

  • NEW! Personal white boards for collaboration and thought will be provided. They are two-sided ceramic on steel and can be displayed while held within channels on top of the tables either in the center or on either end. Analogue co-creation can also be displayed on both sides of the easels. They can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • A power strips will be provided at each table in the rooms.
  • There will be three wired lavaliere microphones with a 25’ cords.
  • No additional flipcharts will be provided.

You are free to move the chairs and tables around on the stage, in the stage area, and the room as you need to accommodate your activities.

Face-to-Face Webcast Speaker Information

What is the virtual conference, and how many people attend?

The EDUCAUSE Virtual Conference will be held simultaneously with the face-to-face conference. It will feature more than 60 general, featured, and concurrent session webcasts, as well as over 15 exclusive online sessions. Last year, over 400 people registered, and we estimate that nearly 2,000 people participated (groups consisting of two or more team members watching from single locations).

Who will stream my session, and how will it look?

Your session will be professionally streamed by Sonic Foundry, Platinum Partner. They use production-quality cameras. Your slides and session audio will be streamed in real time, so there's no need to submit your slides. Your room will have a neutral backdrop and light stands in the back of the room.

Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite player can be seen in the example below: 

Will EDUCAUSE provide captions for my session?

Captions will be provided for all public webcasts and for any session for which we receive a request from participants.

Will my session be recorded?

All virtual conference session presenters will receive an e-mail message asking them for permission to record their session.

  • Virtual conference registrants: Access to all live and recorded sessions during and after the conference.
  • Face-to-face registrants: Access to webcasts after the conference ends.
  • General public: A limited number of sessions will be immediately available to anyone, anytime, from the conference homepage.
  • Recordings:  90 days after the conference ends, all recordings will be available to the general public.

Do I need to sign a release for my session to be recorded?

All speakers have been asked to agree to a Creative Commons license, as indicated in the speaker agreement form. If you have a question about this form, please write to Sean Kennedy.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Although no advance preparation is required to stream your presentation if you do not plan to use  polls, handouts, and/or breakouts, please follow the below tips. If you do plan to use polls, handouts, and/or breakouts, please review the detailed sections below.

  • Consider the presence of your virtual audience, and invite their participation throughout the session. In particular, acknowledge the online audience in your opening remarks and occasionally look at the camera.
  • See our Speaker Concierge website for Online Presentation Design Tips and Resources.
  • Use the microphone and remind face-to-face attendees to use in-room audience mics when asking questions.
  • A volunteer facilitator in the room will monitor and ask questions on behalf of the virtual attendees during the question-and-answer periods.
  • Avoid wearing busy patterns or distracting clothing.

How do I include the online audience when conducting polls?

Details will be posted by the end of July.

How do I include the online audience when distributing handouts?

If you have hard handouts for the face-to-face group, you need to inform the online attendees how to retrieve the same information electronically.

You can upload documents to your EDUCAUSE session details page by following the below instructions, or feel free to upload documents to an alternate web page.

  • Log in with your EDUCAUSE username and password
  • Click the "Manage Your Profile" link
  • Click the "Presentations" tab
  • Click the "Upload" link for your session
  • Materials will be appear within the conference program, under your session title, and under the tab "Resources."

Please keep in mind when using this feature:

  • Any files you upload will be visible to the public, including your session attendees.
  • Resources uploaded here will be archived in the EDUCAUSE Resource Center.

Create a slide that gives the audience instructions on how to access  your resources. Pause on this slide to give people time to copy the information and locate it. NOTE: Please convert long URLs to short URLs. Most of the online audience will need to retype the URL in order to retrieve the web page.

How to create a tiny URL:

  • Go to http://tinyurl.com/
  • Enter a URL into the box that shows on the main screen.
  • Click on "Make Tiny URL."
  • Test it.
  • Copy and paste it into your presentation
  • They do not expire.

How do I include the online audience when requesting that attendees breakout into small groups?

If you plan to ask people to breakout into small discussion groups, please contact onlineconf@educause.edu for assistance.

It would be ideal if a designated facilitator met the online audience in their virtual room chat space. The online group cannot verbally report out, but they can report out via this chat space.

How should I welcome the online audience and include them in Q&A?

  • As part of your opening remarks, please welcome the online audience to your session. Inform attendees that the session is being recorded and will be accessible for on-demand viewing.
  • Q&A
    • Inform the face-to-face audience to use an audience microphone to ask questions.
    • If an audience member attempts to ask a question without a microphone, repeat the question before answering it. Reminder: The online audience only hears what's coming through the microphone.

What information do I need to send to EDUCAUSE prior to my webcast, and why?

Information Collection
You’ve been asked to send the following information to Sean Kennedy; here’s the information we’ve requested, with an explanation of how this information is being used.

  1. Is your session a panel? (yes or no) If yes, are you speaking sequentially, or will it be interactive? If interactive, how many total presenters?

    Why are we asking? All speakers need to use microphones so the virtual audience can hear you; we need to know how many microphoness to order. The streaming companies also need to be prepared to adjust and move their cameras from the podium to the head table as needed.
  2. Will you use slides? (yes or no)

    Why are we asking? The streaming companies use a direct feed from the VGA cable to show your slides in real time, so you don’t need to worry about last minute tweaks. If you don’t have slides, however, they’ll use a different layout.
  3. Will you use a video? (yes or no) If yes, will it be embedded, or will you play it as a separate file?

    Why are we asking? The streaming companies need to switch modes and adjust the volume to seamlessly capture videos.

Poster Session Presenter Information

What will my area look like?

The standard set includes a 4'x8' bulletin board. Push pins, scissors, tape and other supplies available at the check-in desk. Upon request we can also provide a cocktail round for your laptop. If you would like one, please contact Sean Kennedy by Friday, July 11.  Requests received after this date will not be accepted.  

You may opt to bring a laptop as an additional resource for your session time. However, there will be no AC outlets, equipment security, or storage available when you are not present.

Will I have Internet access?

All presenters will have wireless 802.11b access. The connection speed will be sufficient for accessing and navigating web and/or e-mail pages. 

When can I set up and tear down my poster display?

Set up times:

  • Monday, September 29,  2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 30, 7:00 – 8:00 a.m.

An EDUCAUSE staff member will be at the front of the poster area and can help direct you to your pre-assigned table. Also, all bulletin boards will have a piece of paper with your poster title attached to it.

Posters will be displayed during the conference on Tuesday, September 30 and Wednesday October 1 so attendees can view your information at their leisure. You must be present at your poster on Tuesday, September 30 from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. This is the time published in the online and onsite programs.

Tear-down time:

  • Wednesday, October 1, 4:30 – 6:30 pm.

Do I have the option to ship or store my materials?

If you need to ship materials, it would be best to send materials to your hotel (labeled to your attention).

How do I participate in the Digital Poster Gallery?

In addition to presenting your poster on site, you'll extend your poster session exposure through a Digital Poster Gallery. The Gallery will be promoted to virtual conference attendees and to all onsite attendees.

Simply upload anything to your session web page in the online program to get your resources to appear in the gallery. Everything you upload—from images and text explaining your poster session to a video of you presenting your poster—will be included.

You have several options for the types of resources you can upload via your session webpage or your EDUCAUSE profile:

  • Use the PowerPoint slides or graphic images you printed for the poster and annotate the slides with notes, either in the notes area or in a separate document, to provide a narrative presentation of your slides/images.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over narrative. EDUCAUSE will prepare an optional PowerPoint template for your convenience.
  • Create a screen-captured presentation with an application like Camtasia to provide a voice-over narrative of your poster slides/images.Create a video of you presenting your poster.

Please upload your resources prior to arriving in Orlando to ensure your work is promoted through early marketing communications.  To upload resources:

  • Log in with your EDUCAUSE username and password and go to your EDUCAUSE profile
  • Under "Presentations", click the "Upload" link for your poster session.
  • Please note: If your resources are larger than 256mb, you can post a URL for gallery visitors to access your resources.

Exclusive Online Session Speaker Information

What is the virtual conference, and how many people attend?

The EDUCAUSE Virtual Conference will be held simultaneously with the face-to-face conference. It will feature more than 60 general, featured, and concurrent session webcasts, as well as over 15 exclusive online sessions. Last year, over 400 people registered, and we estimate that nearly 2,000 people participated (groups consisting of two or more team members watching from single locations).

How will the online audience see me and/or my presentation? What will the virtual meeting room look like?

Virtual meeting room: These sessions will be presented in real-time using an Adobe Connect virtual meeting room and will be recorded. These recordings will be available exclusively to online participants for 90 days, and posted in the public EDUCAUSE library after that time.

  • Expert Discussion Session using a traditional layout (other layout options are available and will be discussed in the speaker walkthrough): Annual ECAR Student and IT Study

If I am on-site in Orlando for the face-to-face conference, where will I go to present my exclusive online session?

If you’re on-site: We’ll have two production rooms in the Orlando Orange County Convention Center, rooms 103A and 103B in the West Building. You don’t need to bring anything but yourself! We’ll use Adobe Connect and will provide you with all of the necessary equipment including a Polycom or computer headset, Ethernet connection, and laptop. By September 24, you will receive a final information sheet with all session details including a floor plan and session production form.

If I present from an offsite location, what do I need?

If you’re off site: You will need a high-speed WIRED connection; a reliable telephone line with a headset and mute button, or a computer headset; and Adobe Connect. By September 15, you will receive a final information sheet with all session details including technology requirements, the virtual room name, call-in numbers, and session production form.

What information do I need to send to EDUCAUSE prior to my session, and why?

Slides, Polls, and Headshots: DUE SEPTEMBER 19

Slides: Submit your slides to onlineconf@educause.edu. If you don’t use our EDUCAUSE template, please use Arial as your font. See our Speaker Concierge website for Online Presentation Design Tips and Resources.

Polls: People can select one answer, multiple answers, or respond to an open-ended question. Create a slide within your presentation with the question and possible answers so we know when the poll should be displayed.

How can I view the virtual environment beforehand? Can I run through and view my presentation beforehand?

All exclusive online presenters will be required to attend a 20-minute logistics walkthrough by September 15.

Presenters can also request a 30-minute 1:1 content consultation meeting between August 25 and September 15, if they have a draft presentation to review.

In addition, if slides are received by September 19, they can be loaded into Adobe Connect so you can practice using the interface. Please view this short EDUCAUSE PDByte tutorial, "Presenter Coaching: Adobe Connect; What you must know!" for presentation and engagement ideas using Adobe Connect.

Corporate (Purchased) Session Speaker Information

Could you explain what my “session type” means?

Client-Led Session
This session is a presentation given by a client of a corporation (at least one higher education institution required), with a representative (subject matter expert) from that corporation present to add to the discussion. Your client will demonstrate the benefits your company solutions have had on their campus, enabling them to speak to general benefits for other campuses. A time for Q&A is a key opportunity to provide valuable interaction among the client, corporation, and audience.

Corporate and Campus Hot Topic Panel
This session consists of a panel of three subject matter experts (at least one institution is required) and a moderator. The topic should address a hot topic of key interest to higher education; emerging trends; research; strategies, technologies, and offerings of their business. Topics should be addressed at a thought-leadership level and provide session participants with opportunities to understand current and future solutions and the potential benefits for their institutions.

Technology Solutions Presentation
This session, presented by representatives from corporations and/or institutions, addresses technology issues facing campuses today—presenting innovative, technical solutions and resources that are used on campuses.

What are the guidelines for my session?

Applies to All Purchased Corporate Session Types:

  • Session is designed to bring together corporate and institutional thought leadership communities, facilitate intentional dialogue, bridge R&D, and promote product development. The purpose of the session is NOT marketing or sales.
  • Eliminate company background information, marketing, and sales speak. This type of information should be provided through on-site collateral.
  • Focus on thought leadership and advancing the needs of higher education.
  • Keep the sessions interactive; ask participants about their needs.
  • Presentation materials and discussion notes should be captured and shared as a session resource.

Applies to Corporate and Campus Hot Topic Panels:

  • Keep the sessions interactive (moderator takes questions from the audience); ask participants about their needs.
  • Panel moderator should be energetic and ensures that no one panelist is dominating.
What is the development and review process for my corporate presentation?
  • Please adhere to the session format and guidelines for your session type and take advantage of the resources available to you for designing and delivering an engaging presentation.
  • Your session description (title, 50-word abstract, speaker info, domain, and three outcomes) will be submitted to your speaker liaison, Breanne Maxim, for review and approval by EDUCAUSE. Only submit content that is complete; do not send content piece-by-piece because it must reviewed as a complete package.
  • If revisions to your content are requested, you will have one opportunity to make the suggested revisions and resubmit for approval. If the content needs further revision after that, EDUCAUSE will rewrite/edit it for you (this is to avoid several back-and-forth revision attempts).
  • Once approved, your session day and time will be slotted based the approved content and how it best fits within the overall conference program.

Face-to-Face Preconference Seminar Speaker Information

How should I submit my participant materials?

Hard-Copy Notebook (submit by September 2)
Physical notebooks will include a title page and registration list, produced by EDUCAUSE. Copies of any visual aids and additional readings are produced by the speaker. It is the responsibility of the seminar speaker(s) to obtain copyright permission.

Please send PowerPoint, Word, or PDF files to Sean Kennedy. EDUCAUSE will handle the printing and distribution of all seminar materials if they are received by September 2. If you want a notebook and your materials aren’t available until after September 2, please write to Sean Kennedy, who will send you information about how to print them on your own.

Please also write to Sean Kennedy if you need a sample notebook and/or information on how to handle copyright permissions. Even if you have a notebook, you may want to also upload your files; if so, please see the next section.

Online (upload by September 26)
You can upload your files via your EDUCAUSE profile. If you’re doing an electronic upload only, please write to Sean Kennedy about a week out and ask for a list of attendee e-mail addresses. Send a note to your group and let them know that if they’d like a paper copy, they should access and print files on their own and as needed.


Contact Information

If you need answers to your conference questions please direct them to the appropriate individual below:

Preconference seminars, poster sessions, and all other face-to-face sessions selected through the CFP

Corporate purchased sessions

Exclusive online sessions


Face-to-Face Speaker
Orientation Session

A speaker orientation session will be scheduled for all presenters covering basic conference information, as well as logistical information for concurrent and poster session presenters. Concurrent webcast speakers are invited to attend an additional 15-minute presentation regarding audience interaction.

When: September 8
Time: TBA
Where: Virtual speaker meeting room

The session will be recorded, archived, and made available on this page. Participants will be asked to direct questions and comments through the room's chat space.

Speaker Concierge

The EDUCAUSE Speaker Concierge is here to help you make the best presentation you have ever delivered and to ensure you use this professional development opportunity to the fullest extent possible. How can the concierge help you? Find out more.

Upload Your Presentation

To upload resources:

  1. Log in with your EDUCAUSE username and password
  2. Click the "Manage Your Profile" link
  3. Click the "Presentations" tab
  4. Click the "Upload" link for your session

Please note, when using this feature:

  • Any files you upload will be visible to the public, including your session attendees.
  • Resources uploaded here will be archived in the EDUCAUSE Resource Center.


Bios and Photos

Please add your biographical information and photo to the agenda by establishing or updating your EDUCAUSE profile. Make sure that your privacy setting is not too restrictive. We recommend the option of "Limit to Authenticated (Logged-in) Users."


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