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Mobile Computing a 5 Day Sprint

I just wanted to post something up on the ETCOM Blog about the Mobile Computing Sprint that is currently underway via the network hosted by Educause.

Today's session which kicks off again at 1pm includes one of our own members of the evolving technologies committee, Jeniffer Sparrow (@jennifersparrow).

You might want to check out some of the great live tweeting going on by

Steve DiFilipo (!/s_df)

Derek Bruff (!/derekbruff)

Neal Cross (!/nealcross)

Christa Appleton (!/christa_line)

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HathiTrust Research Center Announced

On Monday of this week Indiana University and the University of Illinois announced the creation of the HathiTrust Research Center. Our press release states that:

The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) will enable access for nonprofit and educational users to published works in the public domain stored within HathiTrust, an extensive collaborative digital library of more than 8 million volumes and 2 billion pages of archived material maintained by major research institutions and libraries worldwide.

ETCOM Ignite Session at Educause 2010

Hi All,

Just putting out another note about this for all of you who are ignite presentation experts and are interested in our theme of You 3.0.

This year the Evolving Technology Committee is adopting the theme of “You 3.0" and is exploring the relationship between evolving technologies and individual career development. For our 2010 annual presentation, we want to present five 5-minute Ignite-style presentations which describe deploying a new technology or managing technology change in the context of its impact on your career, management style, and/or professional development.

See our Google spreadsheet for more information and to sign up:

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Apple iPad Begins Pre-Orders and Early Estimates are at 120,000

I have been reading this article from Fortune Apple 2.0 Blog about pre-order estimates on the Apple iPad. While these are just estimates, what struck me about the estimates were that there was a heavy lean towards the 802.11 Wi-Fi model and that orders seemed equally split between the various storage options (16, 32, 64 GB).

The piece that really got me thinking here was in terms of our campus wireless canopies and whether the iPad will become as ubiquitous as the iPhone, and if so does this mean students will now have a third 802.11 device. In my own observations, it appears that most students now have the laptop or netbook as well as the iPhone or iPod touch. Will the iPad become the third ubiquitous Wi-Fi device on our networks and if so will 802.11N coverage be enough to fill this need?



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OraTweet and Other Enterprise Micro-Blogging Tools

So I was talking to Stephen diFilipo today and he mentioned OraTweet - which is Oracle's new enterprise Twitter like system and it made me wonder how many institutions had setup their own internal Twitter systems (Enterprise Micro-Blogging) like OraTweet (what a name)? I did know about Yammer like systems for use among internal enterprise staff. However, I did not know about Blue Twit (IBM) and Laconica. Are there others out there that we should be aware of and how do these systems feed back into public facing micro-blogging apps like twitter?

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