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Uploading your presentation and other content to your session web page


We’ve received questions this week about uploading resources to your session web page. This applies to all EDUCAUSE conferences as we use the same online program technology for all our conferences.

Uploading resources to support your session can be done any time after the online program has been made available. It’s a great way to provide information for your attendees before the session as well as to include valuable content that came up during questions or interacting with your audience. We talked about the awesome power of your session’s web page in this blog post.

One of the best uses of this feature is the ability to upload a copy of your presentation. But you are also able to upload links to web resources, documents, brochures, and any other files that will augment the content of your talk.


In order to upload content you need to log in to the EDUCAUSE website and then go to your session’s web page. The easiest way to do that is to go to the EDUCAUSE web site:

And then select LOGIN and enter your EDUCAUSE account user id and password:

Select MANAGE YOUR PROFILE and you will go to your profile page:

Select the PRESENTATIONS tab and see the presentations you have been associated with at any EDUCAUSE event:

Find the session you want to add resources to and select the UPLOAD link and you will be taken to your Session Web Page:

Select the Upload session resources link to go to the Upload Resources page:

Under the UPLOAD A FILE tab select the Choose File button and browse to the file on your drive or network that you want to upload and add an optional File Description which can be very helpful for attendees when they come to find your material. Then select the Upload File button and the file will then show up in the Files and Links section at the bottom of the page:

To add a link you will follow much the same process. Select the ADD A LINK tab:

Enter the URL for the link and an optional description (again to make it easier for your attendees to know what it is you are providing):

Select the Upload Link button and the link  will then show up in the Files and Links section at the bottom of the page:

Now when you go to your session web page you will see a new tab available called RESOURCES:

When you select the RESOURCES tab you will now see a list of boxes with links to your uploaded resources...available to anyone who wants to find out more about your talk:

Think of all the cool uses you can come up with for uploading resources to support your presentation...before, during, and after your session! We hope this helps get your creativity going and enables you to use this feature as another tool to assist in participant engagement. And remember, this is a record of your work for posterity. This is a great reference to use for your online curriculum vitae or resume. More on promoting your work to others will be coming in our next blog post; in the meantime load up content and make your session web page a powerful record of your contribution to our conference. And from the Speaker Concierge and all of us at EDUCAUSE, thank you for making our events such a great experience.

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