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E08 Podcast: Disconnects Between Learning Management Systems and Millennial Generation User Expectations

This forty-seven-minute podcast features a session from the EDUCAUSE 2008 annual conference. The presentation, "Disconnects Between Learning Management Systems and Millennial Generation User Expectations," is presented by 

  • Clay Fenlason, Director, Educational Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Blake Haggerty, Assistant Director Instructional Technology for Instructional Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Robert H. McDonald, Associate Dean for Library Technologies, Indiana University
  • Richard T. Sweeney, University Librarian, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Paul Walsh, Director of Instructional Technology, University of Baltimore
  • Tyler Walters, Assoc Director for Technology & Resource Services, Library & Information Center, Georgia Institute of Technology

 Educational technologists and librarians followed up their well-received EDUCAUSE 2007 panel session on library disconnects to focus on millennial user expectations concerning learning management systems. Bringing together a diverse set of perspectives and outside-the-box thinkers, this session features panelist discussion interspersed with new media demonstrations and audience participation.



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Running time: 47m 46s
File size: 27.34 MB

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