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E08 Podcast: Glimpses of Our IT Future: What's Green, Mobile and Regulated All Over?

This thirty-one minute podcast features a session from the EDUCAUSE 2008 annual conference. The session, entitled, "What's Green, Mobile and Regulated All Over?" features the following speakers:


  • A. Michael Berman, Acting CIO, California State University, Channel Islands
  • Sharon Collins, Project Manager, East Carolina University
  • Tina Meier, Director, Server Administration, Oklahoma State University


Listen to the outcomes of this year's Evolving Technologies Committee's research. Committee members share their research on selected evolving technologies and operational trends. Topics include virtual environments in academia, next-generation "green enterprise" computing, location-aware computing and unified/mobile communications developments, and business and regulatory process trends.



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Running time: 30m 43s
File size: 17.58 MB

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