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ECAR Releases Report on IT Leadership

ECAR has just released The Higher Education CIO: Portrait of Today, Landscape of Tomorrow, 2011 Report. The report examines the CIO role—past, present, and emergent.

The study gathered quantitative and qualitative data from 3,400 IT professionals at 1,053 institutions of higher education. Below is a selection of the key issues and findings you'll find on the research hub:

  • 100% of survey respondents rate communication skills as important for CIO success; 31% rate technical proficiency as important for CIO success.
  • 80% of current CIOs have an advanced degree; 25% have a PhD, most commonly at doctoral institutions.
  • 113 senior-most IT leaders plan to leave that position within 6 years; 420 individuals aspire to fill those roles.
 Higher Education CIOs on Leadership
Video: Higher Education CIOs on Leadership

Accessing the Report

Visit the research hub to view the publicly accessible and subscriber-only resources. Please note: In five short months, the report will be made available to everyone.

To access the reports sooner, you can purchase reports à la carte or subscribe to ECAR for access to all of our research. When you subscribe to ECAR or purchase this report, you will gain immediate access to the report and the ancillary subscriber-only research hub resources.

Report Signals Early Step in Plans for EDUCAUSE Research

The report draws on a wider set of data than the ECAR survey alone, including data from the Current Issues and core data surveys. This report is also organized into a "research hub," which includes:

  • a summary of key findings,
  • ECAR’s recommendations for your future actions,
  • a PowerPoint version of the report,
  • a video, Our CIOs Speak, featuring higher education CIOs on leadership,
  • the full report, and
  • the survey instrument.