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FCC's New Net Neutrality Rules and Higher Ed

In late December the FCC approved new rules on net neutrality. These rules have been received with much controversy in the public sphere, gaining the acceptance of some ISPs and the disapproval of many public interest groups. But what does it mean for higher education?

On December 22, EDUCAUSE Director of Policy Steve Worona wrote to EDUCAUSE CIO and ICPL discussion groups, pointing out that while the FCC presented goals like enabling freedom of expression and consumer choice, the practice of content providers purchasing favored treatment was not banned, but flagged as a cause for concern by the new rules. Listen to the latest EDUCAUSE Now podcast to hear Steve expand on the FCC’s rules and their implications for higher education.

2011 EDUCAUSE Enterprise Conference Proposal Deadline Extended to 1/14

It’s not too late to submit a presentation proposal for the 2011 Enterprise Information and Technology Conference, May 16–17 in Chicago. The presentation proposal deadline has been extended to January 14.

Proposals that get noticed... leaders of enterprise/administrative information systems and focus on the program themes:

Tune In January 5: Wikipedia in the Classroom: Changing the Way Teachers and Students Use Wikipedia

In this free hour-long presentation, Wikipedia in the Classroom: Changing the way Teachers and Students use Wikipedia, staff from the Wikimedia foundation and a Campus Ambassador will discuss the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative, how it’s enabling the use of Wikipedia in the classroom, and how professionals in higher education technology can bring some of the advantages of this program to their institutions.

Those unable to attend may wish to visit the archives after the event or browse related EDUCAUSE resources:

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