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CNI Podcast: An Interview with Martin Ramsey on Open Source Collaboration

This seventeen minute podcast features an interview with Martin Ramsey, President and founder of CEATH Company and founder and facilitator of LAMP, which was awarded the Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration. The interview was recorded at the CNI 2008 Fall Task Force Meeting.

LAMP is the Learning Asset Management Project of the Appalachian College Association (ACA).  It is a collaborative community of learners, linked via a common software platform and a shared learning and collaboration philosophy, across five states in central Appalachia.

LAMP member colleges use the system for several purposes, including providing distance education to students who are off campus, providing enhanced educational opportunities for students who are on campus, and collaborating with colleagues remotely on a variety of projects.  For example, in addition to using LAMP to teach traditional on-campus courses or for supplying course materials to distance education students, LAMP users are using the system to ensure wide participation in developing an institutional strategic plan, developing shared course materials between multiple institutions, and collaborating to develop critical thinking assessment rubrics.

This interview is provided courtesy of CNI and was recorded at their 2008 Fall Task Force Meeting.  The Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) is an organization dedicated to supporting the transformative promise of networked information technology for the advancement of scholarly communication and the enrichment of intellectual productivity.  You can learn more about CNI at their web site,


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