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In Conversation: Cloud Computing—Hype or Hope?

"Cloud computing" is the buzzword today. What is reality, and what is merely hype? Does this paradigm offer great promise or extreme peril to the core mission of the academy? Two academic IT leaders discuss the pros and cons of moving mission-critical services to the cloud. Melissa Woo is Director of Cyberinfrastructure and Director of Network & Operations Services at the University of Wisconson-Milwaukee. Michael Dieckmenn is Senior Associate Vice President and CIO for the University of West Florida. Both took part the point/counterpoint session at the EDUCAUSE 2009 Annual Conference, "Cloud Computing: Hype or Hope?."

This EDUCAUSE 2009 Conference Podcast is sponsored by Juniper Networks and Qwest Communications International.

Music: "Memorial Day" by Jaime Beauchamp


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