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Disaggregation and Innovation in Higher Education: Charting a Course through Turbulent Times

This podcast features session audio from the EDUCAUSE 2013 Annual Conference. The speaker is Paul LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University.

Institutions of higher education are facing change and competition from for-profits, start-ups, and disruptive delivery modes. Innovation fatigue is taking hold as institutions wrestle with MOOCs, competency-based education, badges, and more. Developing an effective institutional strategy requires a theory of change and what's happening in academia. Too many institutions flail, without advancing institutional goals, mission, or positioning. This presentation will frame the change under way through the lens of disaggregation, explore the implications for the emergence of new delivery and business models, and provide a heuristic for examining institutional strategy through SNHU's rapid growth as the fourth-largest nonprofit provider of online degrees and its launch of College for America, the first competency-based degree program approved by the Department of Education.


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Running time: 42m 39s
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