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E07 Podcast: Defining the Digital Commons

On this podcast we feature a session from the 2007 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. The session, Defining the Digital Commons: Abstraction of Enterprise Services and Policies Through the Use of a Unified Web-Based User Interface, discusses a methodology for abstracting enterprise services and the policies that dictate them through the use of a Web-based user interface. This establishes a unified tool for publication, storage, and recovery of files that streamlines training and support costs, facilitates innovation, and promotes the continued evolution of enterprise-level solutions. You can also view the slides for this presentation.

The panel includes:

  • Mark P. McCahill, Architect for E-Learning and Collaborative Systems, Duke University
  • Bob Price, Director, Academic Services, Duke University
  • Session convener: Larry D. Conrad, CIO, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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