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E07 Podcast: Using Emerging Student-Centered Technologies to Enhance the Curriculum

This fifty-one minute podcast features the session from the EDUCAUSE 2007 Annual Meeting. "Using Emerging Student-Centered Technologies to Enhance the Curriculum," consists of a report on the Digital Enhanced Learning Initiative (DELI), which explores how student-centered technologies can enhance students' academic experiences. Students in five freshman seminars received an iPod or a digital camera to complete course work. Students keep the technology in exchange for sharing information on their use during their remaining four years at the college. You can also view PowerPoint slides for this presentation.

This session is presented by:

  • W. Lee Hisle, Vice President for Information Services and Librarian of the College, Connecticut College
  • Chris Penniman, Director, Instructional Technology, Connecticut College
  • Session convener: Sherida Downer, Coordinator, Educational Media and Technology Department, Auburn University



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Running time: Unknown
File size: 35.09 MB

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