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E08 Podcast: E-Mail: In or Out?

This forty-six minute podcast features a point-counterpoint session recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Annual Conference. The presentation, "E-Mail: In or Out?," is a panel discussion on the merits of in-house vs. outsourced e-mail hosting. Panelists include:

  • John Calkins, Associate General Counsel, Northwestern University
  • Beth Cate, Associate General Counsel, Indiana University System
  • Dennis J. Cromwell, Associate Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure, Indiana University
  • Wendy Woodward, Director, Technology Support Services, Northwestern University

E-mail is a critical yet expensive service to maintain. Students view it as a commodity and often criticize the functionality provided by in-house solutions. Hosted e-mail vendors offer free services to higher education, a compelling but complicated option. What are the implications of using a vendor? How does outsourcing e-mail impact privacy and privacy laws such as FERPA? This session presents important points to consider when deciding whether your campus should insource or outsource student e-mail. Streaming video is available for this session.



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