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E08 Podcast: ERPs and the Academy: The Benefits and the Problems

This forty-seven minute podcast features a point/counterpoint session recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Annual Conference. The presentation, "ERPs and the Academy: The Benefits and the Problems," features:

  • Ted Dodds, CIO and Associate Vice President - IT, The University of British Columbia
  • Thomas L. Maier, Vice Chancellor for Information and Instructional Technology/CIO, University System of Georgia Office

We have come to depend on ERP systems to run our institutions, but the academy has been reassessing their cost and value as resources have become more constrained. Although ERPs support the academic mission in recruitment, retention, and more, academic leaders are arguing for redirecting more resources to core mission issues such as instruction and research. This session presents issues to consider when wrestling with ERPs and institutional funding priorities. . Streaming video for this session is also available.



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