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E08 Podcast: An Interview with David Consiglio on Merging Library and Computing Organizations

This eight minute podcast features a conversation with David Consiglio, Coordinator of Administrative and Social Science Nodes & Statistics at Bryn Mawr College. This interview was recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Annual Conference. Consiglio's most recent presentation was, "The MISO Survey: Assessing Resources and Services for Teaching and Learning," at the ELI 2009 Annual Conference.

The Merged Information Services Organizations (MISO) Survey measures the use and effectiveness of the services and resources of merged library and computing organizations. The survey is a Web-based quantitative survey designed to measure how students, faculty, and staff use and evaluate the services and resources of colleges and universities with merged library and computing units.

The Bryn Mawr survey asks the following research questions:

  • What services and resources are important to our constituents, and how successfully do our organizations deliver them?
  • How effectively do we communicate with our campus communities about our services and resources?
  • How skilled are our constituents in the use of software and library databases? What additional skills do they wish to learn, and how do they wish to learn them?
  • Which software and hardware tools do our constituents use, and which of these tools do they own?
  • What roles do our constituents play on campus? What demographic factors identify them?
  • What benchmarks for excellent information technology delivery can be established for merged library and computing organizations?

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