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E08 Podcast: An Interview with Max Davis-Johnson on Getting ERP In Months, Not Years

This fourteen-minute podcast features a conversation with Max Davis-Johnson, Associate Vice-President for Arizona State University. This interview was recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Annual Conference, where Mr. Davis-Johnson presented the session, "Getting ERP In Months, Not Years."

A review by three independent CIOs painted an ugly picture of the state of information technology at ASU in 2004. The basic assessment was that administrative systems were at the end of their life and subject to unpredictable failure; there was no strategy or institutional will to address the issues, and even if the drive could be found it would likely take five to ten years and $70–$100 million to implement. Eighteen months and $18.5 million later, ASU systems have been replaced. Hear how ASU did it and what the grades are.

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