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E10 Session Podcast: GLORIAD: Advanced Networking and Cyberinfrastructure for Global Science and Education Collaboration

The Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development (GLORIAD) is a "ring of rings" fiber-optic network around the northern hemisphere connecting the science and education communities of partner countries (and others) with advanced communications services enabling leading-edge collaborations, from quality audio/videoconferencing to remote control of scientific instrumentation to advanced telemedical applications to high-volume data transfer. The NSF has invested $18.5 million to date, matched by roughly $200 million from international partners. This session is presented by Greg Cole, Principal Investigator for GLORIAD, UT-ORNL. He discusses GLORIAD and how it is promoting the use of advanced cyberinfrastructure in supporting the growing globalization of science and education. Streaming video is also available for this session.


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Running time: 28m 2s
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