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EDU11: Clients Get IT, and So Must We

New York University's vision to be a leading global network university is embodied more markedly every day, embracing all dimensions of university life and personified in a growing community of highly talented, globally mobile scholars, colleagues, and partners. Implementation of the IT strategy that NYU initially adopted in 2008 for the global network university is proceeding, with an expanding suite of shared IT services available across NYU's campuses and sites. Now that NYU's clients in New York and around the world "get" global IT-its reality and its potential-(r)evolutions are under way in NYU's IT strategy, IT governance, and IT service delivery. In this talk, Marilyn McMillan, VP for IT and Chief IT Officer, explains these client-inspired (r)evolutions that drive accelerating change in what it takes to successfully lead IT.

WINNER: 2011 EDUCAUSE Leadership Award.
Award sponsored by SunGard Higher Education, a Platinum Partner.


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Running time: 41m 21s
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