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EDUCAUSE Live! Podcast: What Price Insularity? Reflections About Computer Security Failings.

In this EDUCAUSE Live! podcast, join host, Steve Worona, for the topic "What Price Insularity? Reflections About Computer Security Failings". Steve's guest is Fred Schneider, Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University.

Presentation slides for this audio can be found here.

Why is it risky for technologists to ignore the nontechnical context where their systems will be deployed? Furthermore, what is the risk when policymakers ignore the limits and potential of technology? How can we structure dialogue between technologists and policymakers to address security failings—to revisit identity theft, electronic voting machines, digital rights management, and network neutrality? Fred Schneider, editor of the National Research Council study Trust in Cyberspace and longtime researcher on what makes computer systems secure, considers these and other questions.


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