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EDUCAUSE Now - #22 - 1) The E-Textbook Conundrum 2) ELI Annual Meeting Preview 3) Policy Office Update

This month we talk about a looming problem with e-textbook costs and content, find out about the upcoming ELI Meeting, and check in with the EDUCAUSE Policy Office. EDUCAUSE Now is a monthly podcast, focusing on the intelligent use of information technology in higher education. Join hosts Gerry Bayne and Colleen Luckett for this informative podcast.  

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

The E-Textbook Conundrum
The e-textbook revolution has been anticipated by campuses to help lower costs for students, add flexibility for instructors, and further engage leaners. But as the technology promises more interactive, lower cost content and print textbook prices continue to soar, what’s holding up the switch?  EDUCAUSE Now spoke with three higher ed professionals about the controversy surrounding this very topic :

  • Darla Runyon, Asst. Director and Curriculum Design Specialist, CITE at Northwestern Missouri State University
  • Robin Schulze, English Department Head at the Pennsylvania State University
  • Paul Musket, Assoc. Director, University Bookstore at the University of Missouri

The ELI 2010 Annual Meeting
Each year in late January, the ELI community comes together to explore topics of teaching, learning, and technology and to network with their peers from across the globe. This year the conference takes place in Austin, Texas, January 19th through 21. EDUCAUSE Now spoke with Malcolm Brown, Director and Veronica Diaz, Associate Director of ELI about what participants can expect at this year's gathering. You can find out more by visiting the ELI Annual Meeting web page.

Policy Update with Greg Jackson
Recently EDUCAUSE added a new Vice President for Policy and Analysis: Greg Jackson. Greg is the former Vice President and CIO at the University of Chicago. We asked him what policy issues and projects he is looking at for the new year.

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