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EDUCAUSE Now - #29 - 1) CIOs: Strategy vs. Reaction 2) Instructional Technologist Roundtable

This month on EDUCAUSE Now:  Many of our institutions have been in reactive mode for the past two years due to the economic downturn. We speak with James Bottum, Vice Provost for Computing and IT & CIO for Clemson University about his entrepreneurial approach to building IT and cyberinfrastructure. Also, EDUCAUSE Now also features a roundtable discussion with several instructional technologists exploring their role in creating technology-rich environments for students, and what obstacles and opportunities present themselves along the way.

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

Strategizing and Reacting: The Role of the CIO
The position in which many CIOs currently find themselves can be at odds. On the one hand a CIO must strategize for the future, aligning the goals of IT with that of the institution. On the other hand, a CIO must react to a constant barrage of immediate forces in an uncertain environment. So how can he or she find balance? I asked this question to James Bottum, Vice Provost for Computing and IT and CIO for Clemson University.   

Instructional Technologist Roundtable
The job of an instructional technologist is part expert, part counselor, and part evangelist. Faculty from a variety of disciplines with a variety of technological prowess come to them wanting solutions, ideas, and guidance. I sat down with a group of instructional technologists to hear their thoughts on providing IT to instructors. Included in this discussion:

  • Beth Du Pont, Director of Academic Technologies at Skidmore College
  • Holly Morris-Kuentz, Instructional Technology Coordinator at Lake Travis Independent School District
  • Nikki Reynolds, Director of Instructional Technology Services at Hamilton College
  • Sondra Smith, Co-CIO and Director of Educational Technologies at St. Lawrence University

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