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EDUCAUSE Now - #30 - 1) So, You Want to Be a Leader? 2) Implementing the ITIL Framework

This month on EDUCAUSE Now:  What steps should you take to develop as a leader in higher education IT? We’ll talk with some IT leaders who share practical advice for developing your leadership skills and opportunities. Also, we feature an interview with Beth Schaefer, Assistant Director of Client Services at the University of Wisconson-Milwaukee on implementing the ITIL framework to mature their IT organization.

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

So, You Want to Be a Leader?
Becoming a leader is about more than the title in front of your name. It relates to a set of skills that can be used by anyone in your organization, regardless of position. In this discussion, we learn from some higher education IT leaders how to implement those skills in your everyday tasks..

Our discussion includes:

  • Eric Bird, Associate VP for Technology/CIO, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • Janet Hill, Associate Director for Teaching Technology, Brandeis University
  • Tracey Leger-Hornby, Dean of Library Services, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Implementing the ITIL Framework
Beth Schaefer is acting director of client services at the University of Wisconson-Milwaukee. In this interview she talks about lessons learned when her organization decided to implement the Information Technology Infrastructure Library framework.

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