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EDUCAUSE Now: - #31 - 1) Hosting a Virtual Event 2) IT at EDUCAUSE 2010 3) UBC's Jens Haeusser on Identity and Access Management

This month on EDUCAUSE Now:  Hosting a web or virtual event on your campus takes more than just booking the conference room and turning on the overhead projector. Preparation and facilitation can take your event from a time-waster to a spark of productivity and insight. Find out from the veterans how to successfully keep it interesting. Also, with the 2010 Annual Conference coming soon, EDUCAUSE IT Director, Becky Granger, tell us how technology makes the conference run smoother for attendees. This episode also features an interview with University of British Columbia Strategy Director, Jens Haeusser, on Identity and Access Management in higher ed.

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

Facilitating a Virtual Event on Your Campus
We talked with several veteran facilitators about what makes a successful event. From setting the tone to keeping the conversation from derailing, here are some insights to help you create a productive meeting. This is a preview to a longer, more comprehensive podcast on the topic, which you can find here. We spoke with:

2010 Conference Preview: Information Technology at E2010
Becky Granger is IT Director for EDUCAUSE. In this short piece, she gives us a peek at the IT strategy for our annual conference and how technology makes the conference smoother and more informative for attendees. You can find more insights and fun facts about the conference with podcasts on corporate participation, the online conference, planning and logistics at the annual conference, and the teaching and learning aspects of E2010.

UBC's Jens Haeusser on Identity and Access Management
Jen Haeusser is director of strategy for the University of British Columbia. He sees the future of Access and Identity Management as promising, but with a few complexities and roadblocks that higher education is in a unique position to overcome. He sits down for a conversation with Carol Hall. To find more resources, visit the Identity and Access Management Working Group page.


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