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EDUCAUSE Now: - #33 - 1) Relationships vs. Content 2) EDUCAUSE Hulk 3) EDUCAUSE 2010 Voices

This month on EDUCAUSE Now: We look back at the EDUCAUSE 2010 Annual Conference with an array of voices and ideas from the conference! We feature a discussion with the always lively Gardner Campbell and Jim Groom, talking about the true joy of learning and the dangers of confusing faculty with content. Also, we interview a twitter celebrity from the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference- EDUCAUSE HULK!

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

Jim Groom and Gardner Campbell: Relationships vs. Content
When Gardner Campbell and Jim Groom get together to discuss the current state of higher ed, it's always an insightful and lively conversation. Gardner is Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning at Baylor University and Jim Groom is an Instructional Technology Specialist at the University of Mary Washington. A couple years ago we caught the two on video debating EDUPUNK. This year we got them talking about the current state of higher ed faculty attitudes about teaching and the internet.

One of the more entertaining twitter feeds at the EDUCAUSE 2010 Annual Conference last month was that of EDUCAUSE HULK, a superhero personality sharing his thoughts with a delightfully limited simple vocabulary that fit easily into twitters 140 character limit. In reality, EDUCAUSE Hulk is the creation of Michael Richichi, Director of Computing and Network Services at Drew University.

EDUCAUSE 2010 Voices
We share just a few of the voices from the EDUCAUSE 2010 Annual Conference that you will hear in upcoming podcasts and videos in 2011!


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