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EDUCAUSE Now - #39 - 1) The Future Economics of Enterprise IT 2) "Apps for Good" Develops Critical Thinking for Young People

This month on EDUCAUSE Now: EDUCAUSE Vice-President for Policy and Analysis, Greg Jackson and CIO for Indiana University, Brad Wheeler talk about the future of enterprise IT. EDUCAUSE Now also speaks with Iris Lapinski, UK Director for CDI Europe. CDI's "Apps for Good" program encourages young people to use technology to tackle problems for social good.

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

The Future Economics of Enterprise IT
The EDUCAUSE 2011 Enterprise Conference takes place in Chicago next week. I recently spoke to two keynote speakers about the past and future of enterprise IT. Greg Jackson is EDUCAUSE Vice President of Policy and Analysis and Brad Wheeler is CIO and Vice President for IT at Indiana University.

"Apps for Good" Develops Critical Thinking for Young People
CDI Europe is the European hub for the Centre for Digital Inclusion, a global network of community-based centers working on digital inclusion, entrepreneurship, and community action. One of their biggest initiatives in London is the Apps for Good program. It’s an education program that teaches young people how to research, create, and market mobile apps that help the community.  The program is headed CDI Europe’s  UK Director, Iris Lapinski. I recently spoke to Lapinski about Apps for Good and what higher education faculty might learn from this initiative

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