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EDUCAUSE Now - #40 - 1) Stephen Laster, CIO, Harvard Business School 2) Supporting Faculty for Online Teaching

This month on EDUCAUSE Now: Stephen Laster, CIO, Harvard Business School, on collaboration, outsourcing, and the future of higher ed IT, and Barbara Zirkin talks about distance learning strategies at Stevenson University. .

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

Stephen Laster, CIO for Harvard Business School
What is the ROI for IT in higher education? Why does the cost of IT go up faster than tuition? Stephen Laster, CIO for the Harvard Business School says that, as practitioners of technology, we must answer these questions to be cognizant of the value IT creates. In this conversation with Adrian Alexander, he shares his thoughts on moving forward with value, transparancy, and an eye toward the future.

Supporting Faculty for Online Teaching
Barbara Zirkin is Associate Dean of Distance Learning for Stevenson University, an institution that hosts hundreds of distance learning courses each year. She spoke with Colin Currie at last year's EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting and talked about the challenges of creating new courses and supporting faculty who may be new to teaching online.

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