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EDUCAUSE Now - #41 - 1) Jim Groom Teaches Digital Storytelling 2) Thoughts on the Future of Enterprise IT

This month on EDUCAUSE Now: Hear an interview with the University of Mary Washington's Jim Groom about DS106, the digital storytelling course like no other. We also share insights from last month's EDUCAUSE Enterprise Conference!

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

Jim Groom and DS106: A Unique Approach To Digital Storytelling and Online Teaching
What if you had a professor who only taught through the internet? Who only used online references, ways of collaborating, and instead of trying to recreate the classroom online, simply gave students the tools and guidance to learn with online media? That's what's happening in a digital storytelling class called DS106. And, according to Jim Groom, that's only the beginning!

Concerns On the Future of Enterprise IT
I spoke with attendees and presenters at the EDUCAUSE 2011 Enterprise Conference in Chicago last month, asking the question, "What are your biggest concerns about the future of Enterprise IT?". We got a variety of answer from Laurie Antolovic, Bruce Maas, Kevin Morooney, Bill Allison, Jeff Clark, and Neeraj Kumar.

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