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EDUCAUSE Now - #42 - 1) Policy Issues: Accessibility and Sharing of Student Data 2) IT as a Game Changer

This month on EDUCAUSE Now:  EDUCAUSE Vice-President for Policy and Analysis, Greg Jackson shares his thoughts on two hot topics in higher ed IT policy: accesibility and sharing of student data. Also, "For IT to be a game changer in higher education, we must...?" A variety of IT leaders share their opinions!

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

Greg Jackson: Accessibility and the Sharing of Student Data
We recently checked in with EDUCAUSE Vice President for Policy and Analysis, Greg Jackson. He discussed two issues that are current hot topics on the higher education IT policy front: accessibility and the sharing of student data.

IT as a Game Changer
The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, or ECAR, held their annual Symposium in Chicago last month. The theme of the event was
"IT as a Game Changer". Using that that theme as a jumping off point, we asked several attendees to complete the following sentence:
For IT to be a game-changer in higher education, we must...?" Our particpants included:

  • Timothy Chester, Vice Provost and CIO, Pepperdine University
  • Joan Lippincott, Associate Executive Directory, Coalition for Networked Information
  • Marden D. Paul, Director, Planning, Governance and Assessment, University of Toronto
  • Susan Metros, Associate Vice Provost, Associate CIO, Professor, University of Southern California
  • Jeffrey L. Russell, Chief Information Officer, University of Indianapolis
  • Mark Askren, Chief Information Officer, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Donald Z. Spicer, Associate Vice-Chancellor for Information Technology & CIO, University System of Maryland

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