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EDUCAUSE Now - Show #12 - The Age of Budget Cuts -- The Tower and the Cloud

EDUCAUSE Now is a monthly podcast, focusing on the intelligent use of information technology in higher education.  Join host Gerry Bayne and Colleen Luckett for this episode that presents some ideas, strategies, and opportunities from leaders in higher education IT.

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

Teaching & Learning in an Age of Budget Cuts
At this year’s EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Conference, we spoke with three university executives- from a state, private, and Canadian university respectively. They shared insights, ideas, and strategies from their respective campuses on dealing with the current economic downturn and weathering the storm of budget cuts many institutions are facing. Our participants include:

  • Donald Carter, Director of e-Learning, Northern Arizona University
  • Ron Morgan, Dean of Academic Technology and Innovation, Franklin University
  • Gerri Sinclair, Executive Director for the Masters of Digital Media Program, Great Northen Way Campus, Vancouver, Canada


Commentary: The Future of Resource Allocation for Enterprise IT
Vice President and CIO at the University of Virginia, James Hilton says universities need fresh perspectives when considering how to budget for IT.


The Tower and the Cloud
Richard Katz is vice president of EDUCAUSE and founding director of ECAR. He believes that cloud computing can offer solutions for universities wishing to cut costs, focus talent, and collaborate on a wider scale. And while there are hurdles and risks to computing in the cloud, he submits that the "consumerization" of enterprise services has made the switch to cloud computing is inevitable. He collected over twenty essays on cloud computing for his new book, “The Tower and the Cloud,” which explore topics including openness, IT governance, and globalization.


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