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EDUCAUSE Now - Show #15 - CIOs and the Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Ed IT - ELI 2009 Discussion: 21st Century Digital Literacy

EDUCAUSE Now is a monthly podcast, focusing on the intelligent use of information technology in higher education.  Join hosts Gerry Bayne and Colleen Luckett for this episode that presents some ideas, strategies, and opportunities from leaders in higher education IT.

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This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

CIOs and the Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Ed IT
The ongoing economic issues facing higher education are forcing state, community, and private higher ed CIOs and IT administrators to rethink their service approaches. We've gathered several professionals from a variety of institutions to share their thoughts. For more resource, visit the EDUCAUSE Economic Downturn Resource page. We hear from:

  • Theresa Rowe, CIO, Oakland University
  • Carol Hall, CIO, Eastern Iowa Community College District
  • Bruce Maas, CIO, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Peggy Plympton, Vice President for Finance & Administration, Lehigh University
  • Kelly Block, Assistant Director, Application Portfolio Management, University of Illinois Central Administration
  • George F. Claffey, Jr., CIO, Charter Oak State College
  • Theresa S. Byrd, CIO/Director of Libraries, Ohio Wesleyan University
  • Michael William Zimmerman, CIO & Executive Director of Communications & Information Technology, Macomb Community College
  • Dwight Fischer, Assistant Vice President & CIO, Information Technology Services, Dalhousie University
  • Albert G. Horvath, Vice President for Finance and Business, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Michael Hites, Associate Vice President of AITS, University of Illinois Central Administration

Commentary: Creation Nets
EDUCAUSE President Diana Oblinger talks about the importance of being in the flow of knowledge.

ELI 2009 Discussion: 21st Century Digital Literacy
The ELI 2009 Annual meeting was a chance for educators and administrators to gather and discuss important topics related to teaching and learning with technology. A few of the attendees agreed to record a roundtable discussion of 21st Century Digital Literacy.  Participants include:

  • Steven A. Greenlaw, Professor of Economics, University of Mary Washington
  • Susan E. Metros, Associate Vice Provost/Deputy CIO/Professor, University of Southern California
  • W. Gardner Campbell, Dir, Acad. for Teaching & Learning; Assoc Professo of Lit. & Media, Honors Col, Baylor University
  • Carl F. Berger, Retired, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Music for EDUCAUSE Now:
"Groove IT" by Denis Kitchen
"Rebirth" by Steven Host
"Not Like I’m Trying" by Bjork Ostrom
"Adventures of the Deaf Dreamer" by Josh Woodward


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