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EDUCAUSE Now - Show #3 - Current Issues Survey, Big Broadband Policy

EDUCAUSE Now is a monthly podcast focusing on the intelligent use of information technology in higher education. Each episode features a variety of stories, interviews, and views that relate to IT in higher education.

This episode of EDUCAUSE Now features:

  • The EDUCAUSE 2008 Current Issues Survey

    We hear from Current Issues Committee Chair Debra Allison and EDUCAUSE staff liasion Peter DeBlois. The Current Issues Survey resource page is now available.

  • A Commentary from EDUCAUSE President Diana Oblinger

    EDUCAUSE President Diana Oblinger talks about current issues facing higher education and how IT can be a solution, even for non-technical challenges.

  • A Look at Big Broadband Policy in America

    John Windhausen Jr. speaks to EDUCAUSE Now about his white paper, "A Blueprint for Big Broadband".

  • Music for EDUCAUSE Now:


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Running time: 22m 43s
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