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EDUCAUSE Podcast: Washington Update with EDUCAUSE Vice President Mark Luker

In this 50 minute podcast we feature a keynote speech by Mark Luker, Vice President of EDUCAUSE. The speech was delivered at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Southwest Regional Conference in Houston, Texas, and is entitled, "Washington Update: We're from the Government, and We're Here to Help You!"

Mark A. Luker is vice president of EDUCAUSE, where he heads Net@EDU, a 'thought-leadership' coalition of university CIOs and state network directors who work to advance national networking for both research and education through joint projects and federal policy. Net@EDU was the spawning ground of Internet2, and is now expanding its focus to include advanced connections between campuses and their customers in surrounding communities and regions. He also leads the EDUCAUSE office of government relations and policy analysis in Washington, D.C., which works with partner associations to help shape the emerging policy and legal framework of the Internet, intellectual property, and other issues of importance to higher education. 
Luker served two years as program director for advanced networking at the National Science Foundation and the federal Next Generation Internet project. Prior to that he was CIO at the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus, where he was active in national projects including the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative and the Coalition for Networked Information. 
Luker received his doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, and served as a faculty member and then a dean at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, before moving into information technology management. 


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