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ELI Podcast: Emerging Issues around MOOCs

A MOOC is a model of educational delivery that is, to varying degrees, massive, open, online, and a course. In this podcast with Phil Hill and Michael Feldstein, educational technology consultants, we explore emerging issues around the MOOC: organizational obstacles, providers, potential uses, and future directions. The ELI 7 Things You Should Know About MOOCs is also available.


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Running time: 13m 28s
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I was not aware that individuals that utilize MOCC already have obtained a degree.

I was researching MOOCs from an educational and androgagical perspective and came across this podcast. What is it doing here? It is all about money and nothing to do with education.

It is about what potential investors see in putting their money into a company. The "educational" technology consultants are simply applying basic analysis to another market. The following are direct quotes of the themes from the first 9 minustes - "User base growing rapidly; how to make money off all those eyeballs; revenue model, growth of users; get users to buy; education has to have some change – lot of money flowing through; lot of opportunity; people who can acquire a lot of customers;  showing consumer interest; (investors) don’t know where money will come from but it is a general space and general opportunity; specific business models; move beyond consumer interest, identify specific opportunities of where money can be made."

Note that they talk of user base, eyeballs, users, customers, consumers and not about "students". Their focus is money. The only reference to pedagogy was about "courseware" moving to the same market space as publishers.

I see nothing here that helps in "transforming higher education through the use of information technology" (the Educause mission), there is only low level and, frankly, lazy thinking in an exercise in market analysis. 

I propose removing it. It has no value here.