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ELI Podcast: Rethinking Learning Spaces

This one-hour podcast features a panel session from the ELI 2009 Annual Conference. The session, "Rethinking Learning Spaces," includes:

  • Marvin J. Malecha, Dean, College of Design, North Carolina State University
  • Carole Wedge, President, Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott
  • Deborah Bickford, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives, University of Dayton

A video stream of this speech is also available.

What makes some learning spaces robust seedbeds for interactivity, and others flat and unproductive? To what extent is the answer to this question in the mind of the beholder, and therefore challenging to address institutionally? How do we translate design principles and best practices to enrich our campus physical and virtual learning environments? Join panelists from academia and private practice to explore what’s happening to inform future directions in learning space design, the challenges we’re facing, and their perspectives on the “next big thing.”


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