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ELI2011 Podcast: The Problem of Learning in the Postcourse Era

Higher education teaching practices (and curricula) sit at the potentially tense convergence of the power of experiential, ubiquitous and social learning on the one hand and rising pressure to assess and demonstrate evidence of student learning in increasingly visible ways on the other. In this context, what are some of the new and emerging ways we can see evidence of impact of digital learning technologies in the classroom and in student work? Are the places to look changing and are they at variance with conventional curricular structures that privilege courses and the formal curriculum as the center of the undergraduate experience? How might various social media tools help capture "thin slices" of student thinking and longer narratives of intellectual and social development? In this session, Randall Bass, Assistant Provost for Georgetown University, contemplates these questions. Streaming video of this session is also available.


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Running time: 37m 20s
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