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ELI2011 Podcast: The State of Ohio's Digital Bookshelf Project

For the 2010 academic year, 50,000 of Ohio's 70,000 Introductory Psychology students have had a low-cost digital option available for the textbook of their instructor's choice. Developed within a University System of Ohio Project framework in collaboration with five leading publishers of psychology textbooks, the Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project emerged from three years of research and within a social network established among faculty, librarians, technologists, and the accessibility community. This panel discussion presents strategies for improving learning outcomes, textbook affordability, and more rapid diffusion of digital resources into the teaching and learning environment.

This panel includes:

  • Stephen R. Acker, Emeritus Professor and Research Director, Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project, The Ohio State University
  • Brigitte Budion, Student, University of Cincinnati
  • Libby Cates, Student, University of Cincinnati
  • Charles W. Ginn, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati
  • David J. Wright, Director of Curriculum Innovation and E-Learning, University of Dayton


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Running time: 1h 1m 55s
File size: 24.81 MB

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