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Mobile Enterprise Integration: Four Perspectives - Webinar Audio

The day is coming when users will be able to access the full range of enterprise-wide resources and conduct all enterprise transactions from a smartphone or other mobile device, and institutions need to plan now for this transition. Portals, security, reporting environments, and other structures need to be in place to make the mobile environment reliable, accessible, available, scalable, and secure.

In this webinar hosted by Steve Worona, EDUCAUSE Senior Policy Director, the topic of mobile enterprise integration is discussed by:

  • Param Bedi, Chief Information Officer, Bucknell University
  • Frank Mathew, Associate Director of Enterprise Applications and Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi
  • Jill Forrester, Director, Enterprise Systems, Dickinson College
  • Brian McGough, Director, Enterprise Services, Integration & Delivery, Indiana University
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Running time: 1h 48m 40s
File size: 37.31 MB

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