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Podcast: Up Against the Firewall

This podcast features a keynote session entitled, "Up Against the Firewall", presented by Brenda Laurel, Chair and Professor of the Graduate Program in Design at the California College of the Arts, and Rob Tow, Science and Technology Consultant at the California College of the Arts. The session was recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Western Regional Conference.

While students and educators clamor for unfettered access to the Internet, IT professionals are shoved against the firewall by the likes of the RIAA and the Union of Concerned Parents for a Safe College Experience. What are the educational arguments for open networks in higher education? Can’t the kids just look at YouTube and Facebook at Starbuck’s? What’s the use of an open-laptop, Internet-enabled classroom? What’s the duty of an educational institution regarding digital rights management? Is censorship of particular sites or content the proper role of higher education? This lively session features these and other topics.



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