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Podcast: The Big Brother Dilemma

This podcast features a 50 minute keynote address from the EDUCAUSE 2008 Enterprise Conference. The speech, "The Big Brother Dilemma," is by Gregory A. Jackson, Vice President & CIO, University of Chicago.

We want cameras watching for problems, but we worry that they will observe or disclose things we'd like to keep private. We want network administrators to track harassing e-mail to its source, but we don't want anyone monitoring our e-mail. We want our buildings to admit occupants and keep strangers out, but we don't want anyone keeping track of when we arrive and leave. In other words, we want big brothers to watch out for us, but we don't want Big Brother to watch us. And IT is caught in the middle.

note: commercial material from television and movies was used in this speech and has been cut out of the recording with as little effect on the speech as possible.


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