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Podcast: A Blueprint for Big Broadband: Moving from Why to How

This podcast features a speech by John Windhausen Jr., President of Telepoly. The speech, "A Blueprint for Big Broadband: Moving from Why to How," was recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Policy Conference in Arlington, Virginia. You can also read John Windhausen Jr.'s EDUCAUSE white paper, A Blueprint for Big Broadband.

The United States has fallen behind its international competitors in broadband deployment, price, and openness in part because it has no national broadband policy. In contrast, most other countries adopted proactive programs to address the broadband needs of their citizens at the beginning of the decade that are now proving successful. Several U.S. states are now developing their own broadband plans because of the void at the national level. This session proposes an action plan for the nation based on the lessons learned from Europe, Asia, and some U.S. states and discusses what it will take to get such a plan through Congress.


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